Our Insect assessment is Friday, October 28. Your child will need to create his/her own insect IN CLASS. This is to help your child prepare. We learned that insects have two different life cycles: complete metamorphosis and incomplete metamorphosis. Your child will need to decide what change the insect will go through. I have included a link to the Evaluation and the Definitions. Please also encourage your child to read over and discuss the student-created definitions, as well.

Use only if the student-created definitions are unclear.

Adult Anatomy of an Insect Caterpillar Chrysalis Cocoon Complete MetamorphosisEgg ‍Incomplete Metamorphosis Larvae
‍Life Cycle of a Butterfly ‍Life Cycle of a MealwormPupaMoltNymph ‍Life Cycle of a Cricket ‍Life Cycle of a Milkweed Bug


Insects go through many different stages ours is adult.
After a couple weeks the pupa stage splits open an theres an adult.
The adult shield bug feeds its larva.
Most insects lay eggs & lots of adult insects known as an earwig bug takes care of its young.se09insect22.jpg

by: Audrey & Summer! insects by:Steve Parker

Anatomy of an Insect

all insects have six legs.all insects have2/4 wings. & antenas & spikes or fur. They have head, a thorax and an abdomen


paige&jackson whats inside? Insects


a caterpillar eats milkweed monach a caterpillar is a animal.caterpillars are diffrent from butterflyes the catelpittar eats only leaves a catepittars main job is to eat eat! eat!! a caterpittar grows a lot before its next stage. it molts or sheds its skin four or five times.


The chrsalis can look like a twig,dead leaf, or a drop of water.
after it molt a lot then the caterpillar stop eading.
females lay up to 300 eggs.se09insect25.jpg By Jaden and Molly. By laura Waxman. Tittle monarch Butter flies.
A chrysalis is a hard shell a round a butter flie.
The chrysalis is the pupa stage


Hawk moths bury themselves underground to pupate.
A cocoon is a shell made by silk.
The green silverlines moth has a wood cocoon. By Kyle. Amazing butterflies & moths. By eyewitness juniors.

Silk moth shows finished cocoon of the oak together by a dense network of silk threads.
these wild silk moth cocoon are really rare. By Collin
what,s the difference between a butterfly and a moth.by Robin Koontz


Complete Metamorphosis

A complete metamorphosis means whin somthing moves to a new stage.There are 4 stges they are egg, larva ,pupa, and adult.A caterpiller has a heart, gonads, jaws, head, and esophagus.They molt. The first stage is eggse09insect7.jpg. The last stage is adult.by Tino and Natalie. butterflies magical metamorphosis by Eulalia Garcia


Buturfly the egg is sticky and stay's to it's leaves.
The queen bee lays's her egg's in the midel of the clomb.
Baby ant's grow's in egg's.
Flea's are wite when they are egg's.

Zack and Olivia
Melanie Mitchell butterflies Katy Pike Insects Kristin l. Nelson Busy Ants Honeybee Barrie Watts Nacey Dickmann A bee's life Enid Broderick Fisher


Incomplete Metamorphosis

They lay there eggs one at at a time.They get out of the eggs,
they are called nymph.It lives under water.It grows bigger and bigger.
After two or three years the grasshopers are fully grown.When the grasshoper stops,
It digs under water.by Sofia and Ben and Barrie watts.dragonfly.


It means after the egg hatches it`s a baby and the baby is called a larva.


By Charlotte and Tyler

Busy Ants by Kristin L. Nelson.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

A caterpillar is once an egg.Once the caterpillar makes the chrysalis but thats not the cocoon That's the pupa stage.The chrysalis is just the little protection.By Owen and Julia life cycle of a butterfly.by Melane Michell


Life Cycle of a Mealworm

The first stage to a mealworm is when there in a egg!
The second stage to a mealworm is when they turn into a larva.
And the third stage is pupa.
Then last but not least the last stage is when they turn into a beattel


when caterpiller goes in a chrysalis it`s called a pupa.

but there are difrent pupas like mealworms when

they are white + they tern into beetles!!!


Aiden and Grace!!!

Butterfly and moth! By:Knopf.


Molting=shedding outer part skin.
Most insects have to molt.
As larva insects molt several times.
The insects only molt when they need to.
Molting is like shedding.
Shedding and molting are not the same.
By Mia and Davey
Butterfly life cycles.
By Melanie Mitchell


A nymph is a insect young but only some insects like grasshoppers go through theese stages.

A nymph is like a tiny adult.

Nymphs some times eat more than most adults.

by:Summer & Audrey

life Cycle of a Cricket first these bugs are eggs and then they go into the nymph stage.

these are incomplete metamorphosis

Life Cycle of a Milkweed Bug

They start off as a egg then a nymph then a adult.